Best TV Shows, Movies, Songs of 2016

Besides books, I like watching TV shows, movies and listening to music. In 2016 there are a lots of good music and movies came out so I decided to do a post about my favorite music and other things of 2016.

TV shows

2016 is a year when I re-watched a lot of TV shows that I watched in my childhood such as Shake it Up,ICarly etc.  Of course I watched a lot of new TV shows and I want to share with you my top 5 favourite TV shows. 

The Originals

I know almost everybody already watched it and VD but I’m late to the party. Unlike many people,i prefer more Originals that VD. There is more action in Originals and there not so many romantic moments. I absolutely love Klaus,Hailey and Elijah and other. 

Red Band Society

I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did. To be honest I’m not a big fan of tv shows,books movies about real life but this TV shows was phenomenal. I like how it represent a life in hospital,how teenagers feel themselves. 

W (Korean drama)

I’m not a fan of manga,anime and another Korean stuff but sometimes I watch Korean dramas. It is my guilty pleasure. Anyway I watched 2 dramas this year and I like them both but W was the best. W is about a girl who falls in love with a guy who is actually a character in a comic series. I watched all episodes so quickly and enjoyed them so much. 

Avatar:The Last Airbender

I re-watched it this year and loved it even more than the first time. Like I wrote above, I don’t like anime and Avatar is the only anime I like. I started watching Korean but quit because it wasn’t my thing. 

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

It is my least favorite on this list,i think. The reason is when i started watching back in August I was so obsessed about it. But now season 4 came out and I think that it is the worst season yet. I love the first 3 seasons and only because I hope the 4 season will become better,i’m continue watching Agents now. I want to tell you one thing. Until I started Agents,i’d never watched Marvel (or DC) movie before. Overall I think this TV show is perfect for people who like actions and superpowers in movies. 


I haven’t watched a lot of movies this year so I chose only 3 movies that are my favorite of 2016.

 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

BEST MOVIE EVER. I love this movie and want to watch it now again. Especially I liked animals and characters. My favorite animal is Niffler because I have my own Niffler at home. The reason is I have my dog Terry and fortunately she doesn’t steal my jewelry but sometimes I can’t find my socks in the morning. Anyway I love setting to. I don’t know why but for me 1920s were always magical especially in America.  

Alice Through The Looking Glass

I watched it in cinema and was blown away.  I love first movie but this was even better. If you don’t know,my favorite actor is Johnny Depp. So I loved this film so muchhn

3.The DUFF

Yeah, I know it is weird that this movie based on book which I hate. I love all characters here. It was interesting to see how girl overcomes labels and bulling. To be honest I watched a lot American real life drama this year. 


For this one,i decided to choose 3 albums that I liked and songs that weren’t in these albums. 


Illuminate by Shawn Mendes

I like Shawn’s music and this album wasn’t exception. My favorite songs:Mercy,Bad Reputation,Understand,No Promises, Treat You Better. 

Wild World by Bastille

I wasn’t a fan of this band until heard this album and now they are one of my favorite band. I remember that I listened to one song by them several years ago and I liked it but after that I didn’t listen to the whole album. Favorite songs:An Act of Kindness, The Currents, Final Hour, The Anchor, Lethargy. 


I know,it isn’t album but it was new band to me and I literally listened to all of their music. Remember that time when everybody loved Classic by them?  To be honest I was one of them but I didn’t check this album then and done it only this year. Favorite songs:Thank You, American Dream, Monaco, Just Imagine It, Afraid of the Dark.

Favorite songs 

1.Pacify Her by Melanie Martinez

2.Closer by Chainsmokers feat. Halsey

3.Smile by Mikky Ekko

4.Choke by One Republic 

5.Roots by Imagine Dragons

6.All Night by The Vamps feat. Matoma

7. I’ve Told You Now by Sam Smith 


2 thoughts on “Best TV Shows, Movies, Songs of 2016

  1. AHH the new Bastille album is amazing!!! I think my favorite song is probably Warmth, but currents is a close second. I also really enjoyed the DUFF movie– it was a lot funnier than I expected! I’ve heard pretty mixed things about the book, though, so I don’t think I’m going to read it.

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