2017 Reading Goals

Happy New Year! 2016 is over,that means I post my 2017 goals. I super excited for 2017 and all of new releases that are coming out this year.  I’m not sure if I am able to complete all challenges but I will try.      

1.Read at least 3 classics

I have many classics sitting on my shelf and to be honest I like this genre but for me it is hard to read. So I decided to read at least 3 classic this year. 

2.Read books in genres that I haven’t read before

I want to get into other genres. Last year I finally started reading graphic novels, comics, short stories and modern French literature. There are a lot of genres that i want to get to this year.  In 2016 i haven’t read many diverse books so i want to read more in 2017. 

3.10 series by the end of the year

Yes this goals every year appears on my list. I just have so many book series where i read only first book and then don’t read the second one. Next year will be the year when i finally try to finish most of my series by the end of 2017. Hope i will achieve this goal next year. Above you can find a photo with all of my series that I’m currently in the middle of. I can’t believe that I have 20 book series! 

4.Finish first draft of my book

I’m that kind of person who have tons of ideas and when i sit down to write,i always get distracted. Currently i’m writing 3 books. I know this is a big number. But only one book that i want to finish and actually see the whole plot. The problem with writing is that i get an amazing idea how i can start book but then i can’t come up with ideas how to continue this book. Anyway my book is contamporary novel. Personally i love this genre and i hope i will accomplish this goal.

5. Goodreads Reading Challenge

I didn’t want to set up a particular number of books that i need to read because first half of 2017 will be hard because i will prepare and write exams. But now i think that i will set up 50 books. The reason is i’ve always achieved this goal and i think i will next year.

6.Read English books

Yeah,i know it is weird. But until 2015 i haven’t read any books that was in english language. The reason is English isn’t my first language but in 2016 i started read more book in English than in other languages so i want to contunie do it.

7.2017 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge

I’ve never participate in challenges ,like this, before but i really wanted to. So i searched and found a lot of reading challanges for next year but only this one i like the most. Every month you need to read book that fits challanges. Here is the link where you can find list of challanges and another information.


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