REVIEW-Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here

Author:Anna Breslaw

Published:April 19, 2016

Genre:YA contamporary


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Meet Scarlett Epstein, BNF (Big Name Fan) in her online community of fanfiction writers, world-class nobody at Melville High. Her best (read: only) IRL friends are Avery, a painfully shy and annoyingly attractive bookworm, and Ruth, her weed-smoking, possibly insane seventy-three-year-old neighbor.

When Scarlett’s beloved TV show is canceled and her longtime crush, Gideon, is sucked out of her orbit and into the dark and distant world of Populars, Scarlett turns to the fanfic message boards for comfort. This time, though, her subjects aren’t the swoon-worthy stars of her fave series—they’re the real-life kids from her high school. And if they ever find out what Scarlett truly thinks about them, she’ll be thrust into a situation far more dramatic than anything she’s ever seen on TV…

My Review

This story is about girl Scarlett who loves tv series called Lycathrope High and likes writing facfics about this show. But unfornately Lycanthrop High has closed. Scarlett doesn’t know what to write now and she decides to write about people who surrounds her. It contains excerpts of her story in this book. To be honest it wasn’t boring to read these excerpts. I was really skeptical about this book because I’ve read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and I like it but the only problem that I had with it was Cath’s fanfics. I just skipped them. Fortunately in this book the story was so unique that I want to read the whole book. Anyway Scarlett is sixteen and she hasn’t so many friends:Avery,Ruth (73 years old woman who is feminist) and some friends on the internet.


Scarlett is so unique because she is not perfect. I hate this thing in book when main character is the most perfect person in the world. But in this book everybody had bad sides. It is not only romance in it but also teenager relationship with parents and friendship and also a little bit of feminist.

The only problem I had with this book is Scarlett’s relationship with her father. She was so obsessed about living with her father that she forgot about her mother who loves her. Anyway I think at the end she understand all of mistakes that she’s done. Also I cried when I read this book. If you know me IRL,I’m not an emotional person so it was unusual for me. This book has lack of romance. Scarlett loves Gideon and they had a lot of moments together but I feel that they don’t have chemistry. Anyway I really like it because it contains relationship with parents and friendship IRL and on the internet.


I advise you to read it if you like contamporires and stories about friendship,parents etc.




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